Meet The Artist Behind ‘The Emoji House’

The Emoji House in Manhattan Beach, CA

Bobby Rodriguez, artist in Manhattan Beach California, got an interesting  project request a few weeks ago… But first, here’s some background information.

The houses on 39th street in Manhattan Beach, have similar color schemes, except for one…One of the homes is rocking a bright pink paint job decorated with two giant emojis. But as we all know, behind every bright pink paint job, there’s a story…

This all began in May when neighbors reported the home’s owner, Kathryn Kidd, to the city for using the property for short-term rentals, such as Airbnb, which happens to be illegal in the city of Manhattan Beach, according to the city’s municipal code. As a result, Kidd was fined for violating the city’s rental laws and that’s where the idea of the emoji house began. Although Kidd hasn’t confirmed that the two emoji’s represent the neighbor that ratted her out, the emojis speak for themselves. One is a crazy looking emoji with a tongue sticking out, and the other is an emoji with a zipper covering the mouth. Both emojis also share very long eyelash extensions… Coincidence?.. Who knows….

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, Bobby starts working on this project not knowing much of the information behind the emojis and the paint..He thought it was funny and this is by far the craziest job he’s done as an artist. Listen to the podcast to find out what emoji Steve would paint his house…

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