The “Dave Hoekstra Polka” LIVE in the Allstate Skyline Studio

Dave Hoekstra and The Polkaholics

WGN favorites The Polkaholics perform LIVE in the Allstate Skyline Studio but a twist as they start the show with their own Dave Hoekstra theme song. The polka band includes guitarist Don Hedecker, Bass Chris “Blitz” Linser, and Chris Russell on the drums. Listen in as they talk about how they got started, polka legend Jimmy Sturr and more.

“There used to be polka bars all over the place,” says Lead Guitarist Don. “That’s why we’re here!”

You can check them out live at these upcoming events:

Saturday, August 31th at the Taste of Polonia at Copernicus Center from 12:30-2pm

For more information on The Polkaholics visit their website.

Keep the conversation going with Dave Hoekstra on Twitter! @DaveHoekstra66

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