Live coverage: NBA legend Kobe Bryant, daughter die in helicopter crash

Frank & Sherry Fontana fill in for John Williams | 08.08.19

Sherry and Frank Fontana

By law, new mothers in Texas have the right to breastfeed or express milk in any public or private location, as long as they are legally allowed to be there. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this legislation. Hosts Frank and Sherry Fontana fill in for John Williams as they tackle the controversial debate with callers.

Is school lunch shaming getting out of hand?  A school district in eastern Pennsylvania sent letters to parents warning that their children could end up in foster care if their debts for meals at school were not paid. The letter from the Wyoming Valley West School District said parents “can be sent to Dependency Court for neglecting your child’s right to food,” and the court hearing “may result in your child being removed from your home.” Though local authorities contradicted the claim, Frank and Sherry discuss w

Plus, director, producer and editor of FAT: A Documentary joins the conversation over the phone as he talks about the inspiration behind his the documentary, his journey on the Keto diet and more.

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