The Opening Bell 8/7/19: What Should U.S. Agriculture Do With China?


(AP Photo/Emily Schmall)

The political/business relationship between the U.S. and China is complicated because of two different ways the countries are run – the U.S. is a democracy and China is a communist country. Ray Grabanski (President of Progressive Ag) explained to Steve Grzanich how the agricultural industry should approach the current trade market, but also how he sees the agriculture market changing in the near future. Heather Cherone (Managing Editor and City Hall Reporter at The Daily Line) shared the mayoral drama that started with former Mayor Emanuel and Mayor Lightfoot as the Divy bike share program continues to grow but preventing other competitors (like Uber) from entering the market. It all stems from the deal that was made by former Mayor Emanuel, which Mayor Lightfoot disagrees with.


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