Former Iraqi War Sniper Damien Mander on Defending African Wildlife with an Army of Women

Damine, Elysabeth, Vimbai

Imagine building your own army to tackle head on the injustice you see in the world.  That’s exactly what former Special Ops Sniper in the Iraqi War, Damien Mander, decided to do.  While visiting Africa after leaving Iraq, he saw the damage and destruction being done to our planet’s most endangered species.   Damien decided he would do something about it.  He sold his Australian investment portfolio and founded the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. His army of 37 women in Zimbabwe protects elephants, rhino and other endangered species from poachers. He is now expanding to Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa.  On the Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano Podcast and Video Series, Damien, accompanied by lead ranger Vimbai Kumire, explains how empowering women to protect animals has been one of the most important things he has ever done.

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