The Opening Bell 8/5/19: The 25th Anniversary of The Black Harvest Film Festival


(Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision for FIJI Water/AP Images)

The film culture in Chicago has been established for a long time, and much that is due to the role of the Gene Siskel Film Center featuring lesser known artist as they continue to grow. Jean de St. Aubin (Executive Director of The Gene Siskel Film Center) joined Steve Grzanich to discuss the 25 anniversary of the Black Harvest Film Festival that is underway right now and how the movie industry is changing as streaming services continue to grow. Dan Petrella (Reporter at The Chicago Tribune) then broke down a vital aspect of the movie industry here in the city, the tax benefits. Steve and Dan reviewed the news of Gov. Prtizker re-upping the long term plan to keep the production houses here in the state, while also touching on the graduated income tax plan.


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