Jon Hansen in for John Williams 08.05.19: Dayton shooting, Latino Leadership Council on El Paso shooting, mental health vs. personality disorders, TaTa Top, Lollapalooza 2019

PHOTO: Jon Hansen

Jon Hansen fills in for John Williams. Jon is joined by WGN Radio and ABC News Reporter Ryan Burrow, live from Dayton, Ohio, a day after a bar shooting that left nine dead. Then, Dr. John Duffy stops in to explain how parents should talk to their kids and teach them about mass shootings. And Latino Leadership Council Juan Morado, Jr. and Cook County Commissioner Alma Anaya join Jon to share how people can help to protect the Latin community, especially in light of the motivation behind Saturday’s El Paso shooting. Northwestern University Feinberg School Public Health and Medicine Director Dr. Lori Post describes why the issue of mental health should be taken out of the equation when discussing mass shootings. Next, TaTa Top Owner Linze Rice shares why she bought the company that makes nipple-print bikini tops. Finally, Producer Elif [of RadioElif] recaps Lollapalooza 2019.

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