Kathy Hart and Kelley Kitley in for John Williams 08.02.19: Mission Save Her, Harry Lennix, Lolla Cares

Kelley Kitley and Kathy Hart in the Allstate Skyline Studio

Kathy Hart and Kelley Kitley are in for John Williams. They talk with Mission Save Her Founder Reggie Benjamin about what inspired him to start a human trafficking event. That’s just ahead of the second annual gala event happening next weekend at Venuti’s, to which you can buy tickets here. Then, Actor Harry Lennix of “The Blacklist” joins the show to share why he’s involved in the Mission Save Her event, as well as how he’s helping Chicago area television. Kathy and Kelley talk road trips and ask for your suggestions to make the most out of a road trip to Arizona. And, Lolla Cares representative Emily Sorlie explains what Lolla Cares is to festival goers, and some of the cool organizations they can take advantage of this weekend. Then, Elif, Kathy and Kelley give you “Fun Stuff To Do This Weekend.”

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