Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

TRUE CRIME | Episode 01 | 07/11/19

True Crime w/ Kathryn Lake and Kelly Richmond Pope

On this episode of TRUE CRIME with Kathryn Lake and Kelly Richmond Pope, Kelly gives us the scoop on her academic, filmmaking and research background and why she’s fascinated by true crime. After that, we dive into what exactly we mean by true crime. Next on the show, Kathryn and Kelly drive deeper into the film All The Queen’s Horses by having Jason Wojylo, the acting U.S. Marshal for Northern Illinois who oversaw the asset forfeiture of Crundwell’s assets, join us and give the listeners the history and update on the investigation. On the latter have of the show Kathryn and Kelly discuss why people steal and have convicted white-collar felon, Jason Chez, call in live to share his story about how he embezzled money. To close out the show, convicted white-collar cyber criminal who was once on the U.S. Secret Service Most Wanted List, Brett Johnson, call in and give us his story.

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