Steve Cochran Full Show 07.23.19: Toddler Crime Fighter

Abigail Grace at the Blackhawks game

While babysitting his granddaughter yesterday, Steve Cochran witnessed a hit and run, which got him thinking about a new TV Series titled “Toddler Crime Fighter”. Steve aslso talks to WGN TV’s Ana Belaval about the protests in Puerto Rico, and “More On Entertainment” with Dean Richard. Senator Dick Durbin and Pat Brady each share their thoughts on Robert Mueller ahead of tomorrow’s testimony.

Blackhawks’ defenseman Connor Murphy previews this convention, which is taking place this weekend. Lola Wright stops by the studio to share her vision for the future of community in a post-religious society. John Da Cosse is in studio as well. He hosts a few rounds of “Fact or Fiction” and invites a few friends in from the cast of “Freaky Friday” which will be at the Raue Center next month!

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