Ongoing coverage of the Chicago Teachers Strike

Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann 7-23-19: “Mayor Lori Lightfoot proposed relaxing some ticket and fine procedures so get ready for a bunch of people double parking in front of fire hydrants”

Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann

It’s Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann! This is the podcast that makes fun of the news and can also get you from Lake Shore Drive to 290 in like 5 minutes. Today’s top stories include Mayor Lightfoot looking to reform some of the ticket and fine procedures, Chicagoans getting a scare from an Office of Emergency Management and Communications text alert, Mayor Lightfood weighing in on the Illinois GOP/Facebook meme controversy, a new report listing the five dirtiest Chicago beaches, a Chicago woman being banned from Disney after police say she punched an employee, the Cubs blowing a lead and losing to the Giants, the Sox trouncing the Marlins, DePaul basketball coach Dave Leitao getting suspended for three games for recruiting violations and the WGN Softball Team slaughtering CHIRP.

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