Ongoing coverage of the Chicago Teachers Strike

Pitch Hitters 7.5.19 | Frank and Sherry Fontana In For Roe Conn

Frank and Sherry cover a eclectic blend of topics in these two hours of fun!

To kick off the show, Frank and Sherry debrief about the 4th of July and laugh about the fact they accidentally threw a big Mexican themed Forth of July Party. Next, Frank wants to know if older people earn the right to be rude. Then, Frank and Sherry discuss whether or not pregnancy makes a women age quicker. Sherry votes Y.E.S..

On the latter half of the show Frank and Sherry hear what Chicago Tribune deems the best Chicago restaurants that are a must try. Do you know any of them, cause we didn’t. Then PETA starts a fight with Idaho to change the name of a road, “Chicken Dinner Road”, so it wouldn’t offensive to chicken owners and chickens themselves. Frank and Sherry along with listeners to touch on the topic of transgendered people and specifically the incident that happened with two transgendered girls and Youtube’s Team 10 Housemates. To close out the show, Frank and Sherry discuss what is the craziest thing people have done to their exes.

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