Steve Dale’s Other World | Chuck Schaden’s Radio Days

Truly honored to interview Radio Hall of Famer broadcaster Chuck Schaden. He brought the golden age of radio back, and we talk about names like Jack Benny, The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, Fibber McGee and Molly and so many others.

At a small Chicago suburban radio station, it was Schaden who decided to bring these great radio shows back. It’s fascinating to learn about how he found these programs. His collection quickly grew and he was responsible for saving these legendary shows, ranging from “The Green Hornet” to “My Favorite Husband” from obscurity, and revitalized interest in these shows.

In his book, he tells about meeting names from the day, from Captain Midnight to Jack Benny to Agnes Moorehead and others. “Chuck Schaden’s Radio Days: Adding Decades to the Golden Age of Radio” is available at


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