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Cochran’s Kid of the Week: Brayden C.

Kid Of The Week

Today’s kid of the week works to hard to help his community through his recycling efforts.  Brayden demonstrates a love for his community by coordinating aluminum recycling efforts in local schools. Each year he brings all his volunteers, along with the aluminum they have collected, to a Pop Tab Pandemonium day. There they offload their cans and pop tabs to be weighed and recycled. The proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Brayden has raised over $10,000 this way in the past three years. Brayden also placed and maintains a Little Free Library in Minooka. He built the little library, and, with the driving help of his mom, makes sure the books are in good shape, adding new ones when necessary. In addition to Brayden’s personal efforts, he is part of a local 4H Club and does a lot of community service acts through them.  He is always on the go helping people in his community. This is why he is today’s kid of the week. 

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