Jon Hansen in for Matt Bubala Full Show

Roger Badesch, Jess Raines, Jon Hansen (WGN Radio)

This weekend, Jon Hansen fills in for Matt Bubala and we try to figure to the most exciting part of Matt’s trip to Los Angeles for a Cat Convention. But, Matt isn’t the only one who has travel adventures. Hansen fills listeners in on his trip to the Canada wilderness. We chat with listeners about whether or you could take the challenge and go off the grid for a week. At 2 a.m., we chat with senior writer Mike Wall from at Blockbuster Blake Stubbs joins the conversation at 2:30 a.m. to review movies. At 4 a.m., we chat with Expanding Lives board director Rachel Mossi about an upcoming volunteer event and it’s impact to the Chicago community. Throughout the show, Jon, Roger and Jess discuss things they learned, WGN’s Pride Parade…and the kick off of Music in the Park which features our very own, Mike Heidemann. Tune in to the full podcast here.

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