The Top Five@5 (06/27/19): A ‘hot mic’ tanks the first democratic debate, Chaka Khan hates Kanye West’s sample of her hit song, Cookie Monster sings at Wrigley Field, and more…

Cookie Monster flies the 'W' at Wrigley Field.

The Top Five@5 for Thursday, June 27th: 2019:

(Richard Roeper filling-in for Anna Davlantes)

A ‘hot mic’ forced NBC’s moderators to take a commercial break during the first democratic presidential debate last night. U.S. women’s soccer team captain Megan Rapinoe did not back down on her previous criticism of President Trump, who blasted her on Twitter after she told reporters she wasn’t going the the White House. Chaka Khan during an appearance on ‘What Happens Live’, said she did not like Kanye West’s song ‘Through The Wire’ which featured a sample of her hit song “Through The Fire’. Cookie Monster sings the 7th-inning-stretch at Wrigley Field, and more!

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