Is Multi-Billion Dollar Company Epic Games Failing To Payout Fortnite Tournament Winnings? & Other E-Sports News

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Fortnite (Photo Courtesy of Epic Games)

In 2018 Epic Games, Fortnite had over 200 million users and generated over 2.4 billion dollars.  In that same 2018 year, Epic Games had multiple Fortnite pro tournaments with prize money. As of June 2019 winners of those participating tournaments allegedly have not received their winnings from Epic Games nor have they received an explanation on why? Inven Global E-Sports reporter. Nick Geracie gives insight on what may be going on in this situation. Are Fortnite accounts being deleted on July 6? Nick gives us the answer. Nick and Mason talk about the World of Warcraft level rollback and cap and wonder why now? Nick breaks down how League of Legends newly reworked Mordekaiser fairing in the meta.  Qiyana, the latest League of Legends champion along with League of Legends Patch 9.13 are discussed.

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Qiyana: Empress of the Elements | Champion Trailer

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