The Supreme Court term is coming to a close, here’s what the latest rulings mean for you

The US Supreme Court is seen in Washington, DC, June 24, 2019. - The US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the clothing brand FUCT in a free speech case on Monday, saying the name could be trademarked.The nation's highest court, in a 6-3 decision, struck down a federal prohibition on the registration of trademarks deemed to be "immoral or scandalous."The court held that such a prohibition violates the First Amendment right to free speech. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP)

Odelson and Sterk, Ltd.’s founding partner and a leading expert in governmental and election law, Burton Odelson joins Roe Conn to discuss the Supreme Court’s latest rulings on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and the implications of pending cases on gerrymandering & a residency question on the 2020 census. SCOTUS has until Friday to render their rulings on cases currently before them.

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