The Chicago Way, Ep. 195: Ald. Carrie Austin loses at ‘musical chairs’ the Chicago Way, Dr. Willie Wilson is waiting for a phone call, and more…

Chicago Aldermen Carrie Austin, left, and Arenda Troutman turn away from the cameras as they talk during a City Council meeting in Chicago, Thursday, Jan. 11, 2007. Troutman was arrested on federal bribery charges Monday, Jan. 8. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

The Chicago Way w/John Kass – Ep 195: John Kass and Jeff Carlin are joined by Dr. Willie Wilson to talk about why he’s started the WWProgressive PAC and his eagerness to help Mayor Lori Lightfoot; if only she’d call. Then, Veteran Chicago Tribune reporter covering Springfield Ray Long explains how Gov. Pritzker & friends plan spend $400k(of our money) on dog parks. And, Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis looks at what happens when you play ‘musical chairs’ the Chicago Way, looking at you Ald. Carrie Austin. Plus, Kasso wonders if a moist interior mind among the populous is to blame for the rise of far-left?

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