Musician Libby York prepares for her upcoming show as a tribute to the greats

Libby York

Musician Libby York prepares for her upcoming show Libby Work Trio at the Winter Jazz Club this Tuesday, June 18 with Host Rick Kogan in our Allstate Skyline Studio.

Libby Work Trio includes Libby York on vocals, pianist Steve Million, and Larry Kohut on bass. The jazz show is a tribute to late singers June Christy, Frank D’Rone and Rosemary Clooney.

According to Libby, it was when she first began her career in Manhattan when she knew she never wanted to stop, but she fell in love with the music from June Christy and  Frank D’Rone well before then. Who could’ve guessed she would later sing along D’Rone later in her own career?

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