Pete McMurray 06.13.19 | Kim Goldman, Attorney Bob Clifford, Mr. Skin & Much More!

Pete McMurray

Pete fills in for Patti Vasquez!

Kim Goldman, Ron Goldman’s sister,  reflects with Pete,  25 years after the ‘Trial of the Century’ and why OJ Simpson didn’t go to jail.

Then Attorney Bob Clifford talks about the OJ Simpson case and what went wrong:  the gathering of the evidence, the botched police investigation and the ‘Trial of the Century’.  AND, his personal relationship with Johnny Cochran.

Later,  Mr Skin joins the show, celebrating  20 SKINtastic years with a new book, ‘Being Mr. Skin.”

Plus, Why didn’t Lori Loughlin plead guilty in the ‘Varsity Blues’ College entrance scandal?  ABC’s Aaron Katersky breaks down how the mastermind behind the scandal cooperated with the FBI and have her on tape…paying him off!

What is the secret to happiness?  Pete has the answer.  It’s here.  Click and you’ll be happy.
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