Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

After Hours W/ Rick Kogan Full Show 06/09/19

Rick Kogan

Tonight on After Hours with Rick Kogan:

For every problem there’s a solution and every puzzle has its pieces that’s why the founders of the Greater Chicago Depository came together to solve the problem of hunger using volunteers nationwide as key pieces to a well-fed Chicago puzzle. Former Chicago Tribune reporter Greg Trotter and CEO/Executive Director of the Greater Chicago Food Depository Kate Maehr joins host Rick Kogan in the Allstate Skyline Studio as she discusses the history of the organization and how they plan to continue to fulfill their ongoing mission.

According to Kate, hunger does not always look homeless and the Greater Chicago Food Depository and their nationwide food bank network are open to those, no matter what the background, who are struggling and hungry.

For more information on how to get involved visit

Events get buried by history all the time. According to Author Ron Vasile, that is why he wrote a book that tells the true story of what he calls the greatest expedition never known. William Stimpson and the Golden Age of American Natural History is the first-ever biography of William Stimpson which situates his work in the context of his time.

You can get your copy on Amazon.

Plus, the nurse that helped 3,000 people quite smoking. According to Carol Southard the key to quitting is focusing on getting the proper treatment as you would any chronic disease.

Carol’s smoking cessation program is the only on in Chicago and will begin Tuesday the the Swedish Covenant Hospital.

For more information visit or call (773)878-6888

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