Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

The Patti Vasquez Show 06.06.19 | Todd Belcore, Scott Stantis, SkyArt, & Ask David Hochberg

Pictured L-R: John OMalley, Todd Belcore, Sarah Ward, Patti Vasquez, Scott Stantis, and David Hochberg

On The Patti Vasquez Show:

We have Co-founder and Executive Director of Social Change, Todd Belcore and Tribune’s Editorial Cartoonist, Scott Stantis riding shot gun the whole show.  To kick off the show Patti, Todd and Scott talk about some hard hitting topics and discuss updates from Springfield.

Next, we are joined in studio with Executive Director of SkyArt, Sarah Ward and Board Member former Chief Deputy United States Marshal, John O’Malley. With art at the center of everything we do, SkyArt provides free, safe, open spaces where people are empowered and connections are made. To learn more about SkyArt and all the wonderful things they do and provide for a community go to

Ask David Hochberg is LIVE and in studio answering YOUR questions! Listeners can call, text and email in their questions about buying a house, getting a loan, if its a good time/bad time to do XYZ, etc. All those hard daunting questions and more get answered live on the air by David Hochberg from Townstone Financial. Be sure to go to David’s website for more information, call him yourself at 855-563-2843 (855-56DAVID) or email David your questions at so you can get your questions answered and get the help and guidance you need.

Social Change is a national non-profit committed to liberation and disrupting systems through uplifting community voice, media, advocacy, technology & culture. To learn more about Social Change go to

Want to check out the Hamilton Exhibit while it’s still in Chicago and see some of Scott’s work that gets to be showcased there? Check out

Listen to the full podcast here:

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