Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann 6-7-19: Former NHL player Havi Havivala breaks down the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals

Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann

It’s Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann! This is the podcast that makes fun of the news and can also get you from Lake Shore Drive to 290 in like 5 minutes. Today’s special edition of Lower Wacker Live features former NHL player Havi Havivala breaking down the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals between the St. Louis Blues and Boston Bruins. Justin hasn’t been paying attention to the series because he’s a Blackhawks fan, but Havi, a winger who played for the Hawks during the Eric Daze era, explains to Justin why he should be watching the great competition between these two storied franchises.

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