The Top Five@5 (05/30/19): President Trump says he got himself elected, Kanye West opens up about his mental health issues, Arnold Schwarzenegger drops a rap track, and more…

Arnold Schwarzenegger is rapping some verses in a new song for Austrian singer Andreas Gabalier.

The Top Five@5 for Thursday, May 30th, 2019:

(Justin Kaufmann filling-in for Roe)

Today on ‘The View’, Meghan McCain responded to the White House directing the U.S. Navy to keep the name of the USS McCain warship out of sight during the President’s recent visit to Japan. Before he departed for a trip in Colorado, President Trump spoke to reporters to give his opinion of Robert Mueller after the Special Counsel broke his silence on the Russia investigation yesterday. Kanye West in a conversation with David Letterman, describes what it’s like to have a bipolar episode. Arnold Schwarzenegger releases a rap track, and more!

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