Jon Hansen in for John Williams 05.29.19: Robert Mueller, City Council, Mount Everest traffic jam, Olympic rugby

PHOTO: Jon Hansen

Jon Hansen fills in for John Williams, and first gets right to the special counsel’s resignation and some of the quotes that stood out from his address this morning. Listeners call in with their thoughts. Then, The Daily Line Managing Editor Heather Cherone gives a snapshot of the tension inside City Council, between Mayor Lightfoot and Alderman Ed Burke. Chicago Tribune Restaurant Critic Phil Vettel gives his review on the Italia menu at Next, as well as another edition of Phil’s Flash Fry. And “Outside Magazine” Senior Editor Grayson Schaffer explains the possible cause of death of 11 Mount Everest climbers, stuck in a traffic jam thousands of feet in the air. Finally, Olympic Rugby Player Alev Kelter tells Jon about her journey to where she is today, and her preparation for Tokyo 2020.

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