The Patti Vasquez Show 05.27.19 | Comedy, Music and more

Tonight on the Patti Vasquez Show:

Joining us in our Allstate Skyline Studio, Comedian Paul Farahvar talks fair tax legislature with Patti and Representative Robert Martwick.

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MiMi and Matt Tolken of Righteous Kitchen, a meal prep company focused on taking the hassle out of dinner to give us details on how they got started, they’re upcoming pop up event in Wicker Park, and their new title as Top 3rd restaurants in Chicago by Fifth Third Bank.

You can catch Righteous Kitchen this June at 1262 N. Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park.

Want to know more about Righteous Kitchen? Check them out online at

Plus, our friend Comedian Bill bunker at the Laugh Factory Saturday Night at 7:15p.

Speaking of more comedians, Mona Aburmishon joins us in the studio to talk more about the old times, introduce some of her favorite comedians and more.

Grand Rapids, Michigan may be the first of cities in the U.S. to pass new laws making racially charged 911 calls illegal resulting in a $500 fine. Should people be fined for racially charged 911 calls? Listen to what our panel of comedians have to say about it.

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Unable to make the pop up? No problem! If you live in the suburbs you can always order near you online!

It’s Music Monday! Musician Tom Holland joins us in the studio for a LIVE performance. Be sure to catch Tom LIVE this Wednesday at Smokedaddy  or at the Blues Festival in Millennial Park June 9.

For more information on Tom’s upcoming performances, go to

Listen to the full podcast here: 

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