3rd Annual Friday Night Flights Featuring Illinois Craft Brewers Guild Executive Director Danielle D’Alessandro

(Photo courtesy Illinois Craft Brewers Guild)

Executive Director of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild, Danielle D’Alessandro joins Brian Noonan to discuss the 3rd annual  Chicago Friday Night Flights. The 2019 kick-off event happens this Friday at Gallagher Way, featuring 32 of Chicago finest breweries.

D’Alessandro recounts the time on WGN radio how she ran into former mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel at lunch. Danielle mentioned to Emanuel how she understood he wanted to celebrate  all the amazing breweries in Chicago, D’Alessandro said: ” Let’s make it happen what’s your vision?” Rahm responded: “Friday night, outside breweries from around the neighborhood setting up and doing a tasting,  with live music GO!”  The rest is history.  Friday Night Flights is now in its 3rd season produced by the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild in partnership with Choose Chicago.

Listen to the Podcast below:

For more information on Illinois Craft Brewers Guild visit, www.illinoisbeer.org

Information regarding  Friday Night Flights visit, www.choosechicago.com


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