Roe Conn’s LIVE Music Friday (05/24/19): The Long Lost

"The Long Lost" (Kaitlyn Burke & Andriana Avalos) joins Roe Conn & Anna Davlantes (Photo: Michael Webdell, American Mass Media)

The Long Lost join Roe & Anna for another edition of ‘Live Music Friday.’

“Fiercely spirited and relentlessly authentic, The Long Lost write songs laced with both bleeding heart optimism and bitter cynicism. The Chicago Americana/Alt-country group blurs the line between happy and sad, creating misleadingly upbeat songs about the dark and disheartening times in life. Above all else, the music of The Long Lost centers around the intuitive harmonies of front-women Avalos and Burke. This distinct vocal pairing is shaped by influences across the decades – the glamour of early rock and roll, the theatrics of mid-century country, as well as welcoming the guidance of the modern folk-rock genre. The band succeeds in capturing a singular, unique sound.

Continually honing their sound, The Long Lost has grown into a five piece outfit playing off their vintage-tinged Americana sound. Although their music has evolved, Avalos and Burke offer variety in their performance, often returning to their roots as a duo and playing their songs in the natural, raw style they were created.”

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