Aleman Brewing Company “American renditions of traditional beer styles” with Brian Noonan

Aleman Brewing Company Owner Brad Zeller and WGN Radio Host Brian Noonan/ WGN RADIO/ SMARTINO

American renditions of traditional beer styles, putting its definitive stamp on each beer through effective use of complementary adjunct flavors (Wheat Ale with Fresh Lemonthyme, Brown Ale with Salted Caramel, etc.) is what   Aleman Brewing Company stands by. Joining Brian is Owner of Aleman Brewing Brad Zeller.

The company is a living, breathing Voltron of strengths, opinions, and experiences. Aleman Brewing is governed by the urban hustle and corn-fed integrity of our sweet home, Chicago. From hand-carved wooden tap handles to merchandise which is designed and screen printed in-house, Aleman hopes to engage a consumer base with a thirst for knowledge as well as beer.

You can catch Aleman Brewing Company participating in Chicago Ale Fest in Grant Park on June 1st. For information on the fest and tickets visit:


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