The Top Five@5 (05/23/19): Mayor Lightfoot outlines plan to prevent Memorial Day weekend violence, President Trump call Nancy Pelosi “a mess”, Jamie Foxx flubs his lines on live TV, and more…

Actor Jamie Foxx as 'George Jefferson' in ABC's live version of 'The Jeffersons' (photo courtesy of ABC)

The Top Five@5 for Thursday, May 23rd, 2019:

Mayor Lightfoot and CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson held a press conference ahead of Memorial Day weekend to talk about the city’s safety plan to prevent violence. President Trump took time out of a speech on farm relief to hit back at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling her “a mess.” Actor Jamie Foxx played ‘George Jefferson’ for a live TV version of ‘The Jeffersons’ in which he couldn’t remember his lines, and more!

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