Patti Vasquez Full Show | 05.22.19

Dr. Kathy Tynus, Patti Vasquez (WGN) & John Culver

Tonight on the Patti Vasquez Show:

Its’s Wellness Wednesday!

Patti welcomes Dr. Kathy Tynus & John Culver to the show, to discuss mental health, measles outbreaks, lead poising, poverty and healthcare.

Do you know how to drive stick shift?  According to recent surveys, 1 out of 5 people know how to… Patti, Dr. Kathy and John talk about it!

Also, Patti talks about SeedBallz, a business that provides work opportunities for individuals with disabilities! For more information, click here.

Listen to the podcast here:

Be sure to keep up with Patti on Twitter! @PattiVasquezCHI


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