Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann 5-22-19: “We still don’t have marijuana, we don’t have gambling and we don’t have that bill that outlaws rolling up your pants for fashion”

Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann

It’s Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann! This is the podcast that makes fun of the news and can also get you from Lake Shore Drive to 290 in like 5 minutes. Today’s top stories include action in Springfield heating up like leftover pizza, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announcing the hiring of several top officials and reiterated that some of her predecessor’s high-ranking agency heads would be staying on in her administration, the Tribune reporting that many Summer music festivals are experiencing sluggish ticket sales, the Cubs beating the Phillies, the Sox losing to the Astros, the St. Louis Blues reaching the Stanley Cup Finals, the Raptors pummeling the Bucks and Chicago being sun-drunk from the warm temperatures.

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