Roe Conn Full Show (5/20/19): John Kass explains why Lori Lightfoot needs to be cautious about making new friends, AB Stoddard talks impeachment, and more…

The Roe Conn Show w/Anna Davlantes in the Allstate Skyline Studios (Photo: Mike Pokryfke)

The Roe Conn Show w/Anna Davlantes for Monday, May 20th, 2019:
WGN-TV’s Ben Bradley looks at the goals set by Lori Lightfoot in her inauguration speech, Chicago Tribune columnist/host of “The Chicago Way” John Kass explores the pitfalls facing Mayor Lori Lightfoot as she embarks on her quest to end corruption at City Hall, the crew discusses where “Game of Thrones” lands in the pantheon of television, the Top Five@5 features Meghan McCain spoiling the “Game of Thrones” finale on “The View,” and Real Clear Politics’ AB Stoddard explains how the GOP is reacting Rep. Justin Amash’s call for impeachment of President Trump.

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