The John Williams Show Full Podcast 05.14.19: Scooter share program, Wrigleyville hotels, Thomas Jefferson, buying Chinese goods

A Scott Stantis cartoon of John Williams. (Scott Stantis / Chicago Tribune)

John Williams consults with Jalopnik Reviews Editor Andrew Collins, for his Los Angeles experience with the city’s scooter sharing program. That program will pilot in Chicago in June. Then, New York Times Contributor and Chicagoan Elaine Glusac gives her reviews on the Hotel Zachary and The Wheelhouse Hotel, both in Wrigleyville. Thomas Jefferson joins the show for some help from John and Lauren Lapka in preparing for his appearance on WGN-TV tomorrow morning. WGN Radio Sports Reporter Mark Carman joins the show to give his predictions for the NBA draft, which will take place in Chicago tonight. Finally, Mr. Fix-It Lou Manfredini and Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management Professor Phil Levy respond to President Trump’s Twitter implication that he suggests Americans no longer buy Chinese goods.


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