#PinkOut Wrigley Field honors breast cancer survivors

Kristen Hall and Mary Sandberg

Kristen Hall got the phone call of her breast cancer diagnosis as she sat at Wrigley Field, where she and her husband were celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary last September.   In February, she learned she was cancer free, and gave birth to two healthy twin girls, Ivy and Josephine, in March.  This Mother’s Day, Kristen Hall and her physician, Dr. Heidi Memmel, will join Advocate Health Care and the Chicago Cubs in an effort to #PinkOut Wrigley Field to honor breast cancer survivors and fighters, and raise awareness for the disease that roughly one in eight women develop during their lifetime.  Also jumping on air is Dr. Memmel, a mother herself, is one of our Advocate breast surgeons who also was a breast cancer patient.

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