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Nocturnal Journal W/ Dave Hoekstra 05/11/19

Dave Hoekstra and the Community Arts Exchange band

Tonight on Nocturnal Journal:

Dave Hoekstra kicks off the show with a conversation that’s for the birds — literally! Artist and Curator Marya Veeck joins Dave in our Allstate Skyline Studios as she tells us more about her beautifully crafted birdhouses showcased at her annual birdhouse show at August House Studios and rescuing birds in need.

Plus, Director of the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors Annette Prince, Local artist Anne Farley Gaines of Women’s Caucus for Art, and Nancy Bechtol of August House Studios joins Marya for more bird talk.

Want to know how to help rescue birds in your area? Find out how here. 

Dave talks to author of “Sing it!” Meryl Danziger about her book based on the life and legacy of Pete Seeger. Find the full interview here.

A band from the Community Arts Exchange performs live from our Allstate Performance Studio. Dave talks to Jaime Garcia, Isaiah Collier, Laura Cambron, and Curator Gilles Aniorte Tomassian about breaking down walls in the music community.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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