The John Williams Show Full Podcast 05.10.19: The “OK” sign, keeping a player’s 2,000-RBI ball, an addictions expert on pot legalization

John Williams is Going to Make it After All

John Williams still has a few musings about the upside-down “ok” sign a Cubs fan flashed behind Doug Glanville during his on-air report this week. Listeners chime in with a few of their lingering thoughts, too. Then, John wants to know if it was appropriate for Detroit Tigers fan Ely Hydes to keep the 2,000-RBI ball he caught in the stands when asked for it back by Albert Pujols. Many listeners agree on one thing here. And the governor is planning to legalize pot. Linden Oaks Hospital Aaron Weiner explains why that wouldn’t work in the state’s benefit. Finally, John, Elif and Lauren give you “Fun Things To Do This Weekend” and the Bright Side of Life.

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