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Brian Noonan Show 5/5/19: Duct tape artistry and visiting 400+ National Park Service sites

"Queen of Tape" Anna Dominguez (left) shows off a work-in-progress art installation in-studio with Brian Noonan (right)

"Queen of Tape" Anna Dominguez (left) shows off a work-in-progress art installation in-studio with Brian Noonan (right) (Photo credit: Cody Gough / WGN Radio Chicago)

Brian discusses a new art installation with the “Queen of Tape” Anna Dominguez, then talks to Mikah Meyer about how he accomplished his goal of visiting more than 400 National Park Service sites. Plus: the crew celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week!

Brian opens the show by talking about the amusing homily at his niece’s First Holy Communion and how he was body shamed by a 5-year-old.

Then, Chicago native Anna Dominguez, better known as the Queen of Tape, joins Brian in-studio to share her work-in-progress art piece commissioned by the historic St. Jane Hotel. Rejecting standard mediums like paint, pencil, or clay, Anna crafts her intricate, impactful artwork using thousands of pieces of duct tape. St. Jane has collaborated with several other Chicago-based artists to curate a truly authentic local art collection, putting an emphasis on creating a platform for female artists. Other female artists the hotel has worked with include conceptual painter Candida Alvarez, fine art photographer Alicia Savage, and contemporary painter, René Romero-Schuler.

Mikah Meyer then calls Brian to discuss his quest to visit all 400+ National Park Service sites in the United States over the next 3 years. Meyer first appeared on Brian’s show in-studio in 2016, and now, he gives an update on the journey he concluded just a week ago. He discusses his experience, what he learned, and a touching story about an animal that followed him for part of his journey. You can see pictures and learn more about his journey on his website,

Brian and his producer Cody then discuss the bizarre coincidence that they both drank their first ever Michelada over the weekend (in completely unrelated events that actually had nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo). Roger joins the conversation and the crew wraps up the show by discussing their favorite teachers in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, which takes place May 5-11, 2019.

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