NASA and FEMA take precautions on what would happen if an asteroid ever hit Earth.'s Chris Gebhardt

Chris Gebhardt from joins The Matt Bubala Show to discuss Space X’s recent launches. The CRS-17 re-supply mission was launched to the International Space Station this morning. Gebhardt says the CRS-17 is carrying cargo, food and five thousand pounds of scientific experiment equipment. It is expected to reach the station on Monday. Another US company, Rocket Lab, will launch a test mission for the Department of Defense.

Besides an exciting morning of launches, Gebhardt also tells listeners what would happen if an asteroid ever hit earth. NASA and FEMA want to be prepared for the possibility. Scientists determined that there is a of the 1 in 100 chance of an asteroid hitting Earth in 2027. Gebhardt says that this 1 in 100 chance “sounds terrifying, but in the grand scheme of things it’s really not.” He says it’s only concerning to the point where scientists would want to really watch with ground base telescopes to see which orbit the asteroids are in and how they are impacted by gravitational interactions if it passed by Earth.




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