Justin Kaufmann fills in for John Williams 04.29.19: “Avengers: Endgame,” a mural on race, Amazon Alexa eavesdrops, NFL draft

Justin Kaufmann anchors WGN Radio's election night coverage in November, 2016

Justin Kaufmann talks theater etiquette after Avengers: Endgame broke a box office record by bringing in $1.2 billion over its first weekend in theaters. Then, “The Interview Show” Host Mark Bazer talks about “The Interview Show Presents: I Am Ambivalent Towards the 90’s,” filming Friday at the Hideout, and the mural his son’s school took down due to race concerns. Next, Digital Privacy Alliance Director Matt Erickson joins the show to explain why different states aren’t better protected from privacy breaches, in the wake of news that Amazon employees listen to users’ conversations. Finally, Justin and Kevin Powell talk NFL draft and their high hopes.

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