Matt Bubala Full Show 4-27-19

matt bubala

Matt Bubala

The last weekend in April gives Chicagoans a dose of winter weather again. The Matt Bubala crew isn’t happy about it, but we make the best of it! Roger Badesch keeps us updated with winter weather advisory reports and Matt gets a sugar rush and elaborates on some topics. We talk about climate change….and discuss John Williams’ interview with New York Times Columnist John Tierney on why he thinks “Recycling is Garbage.” During the 2 a.m. hour, Matt chats with in-studio guests Scott Musial, Brian Meisinger and Jason Hampton to discuss “Hunt The Town” in Antioch. Later on, we talk about Game of Thrones with Craig Collins. At 4 a.m., we chat with Puerto Rico native Federico Hernandez who gives us the inside scoop on the Chicago Rum Fest taking place today.


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