Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

“A Chorus Line” shines at Porchlight Music Theatre; Scott Gryder’s One Man Performance in “Buyer & Cellar”at Pride Arts Center

Paul Lisnek

“and 5,6,7,8”…as Paul goes behind the curtain with the cast of “A Chorus Line” at Porchlight Music Theatre. This ground-breaking iconic show is as fresh today as it was in it’s 1975 Broadway debut. It is truly theater magic for anyone who has ever auditioned or wanted to audition for the stage. Joining the conversation are Director Brenda Didier and actors Laura Savage (who plays Cassie Ferguson), Alejandro Fonseca (playing Paul San Marco), and Drew Tanabe (as Bobby Mills). The history of the show is not lost on the cast who were immersed in its creation by the director. A fascinating discussion of this fantastic ****/4 show playing through May 31st with tickets at  Then, (beginning at 27:51 into the program), Emmy Award winning actor/singer Scott Gryder discusses taking on 6 roles in the one man show “Buyer and Cellar.” Created by Jonathan Tolins who upon discovering Barbra Streisand’s book, “My Passion for Design,” and noting that Ms. Streisand has a “shopping mall” in her basement….decided it might be an interesting story if she decided to hire someone to run the mall! A seemingly preposterous plot that works incredibly well and realistically thanks to a great script, a superb performance by Gryder and spot-on direction by Donterrio Johnson. Playing thru May 19th with tickets at Two great shows in this podcast’s week at the theater!! Check it out!

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