Cochran’s Kid of the Week: Izzy M.

Kid Of The Week

Today’s Kid of the week is the very impressive, Izzy McFadden.  Izzy worked to create HumanaTeen which provides community service, fundraising and more for youth and surrounding neighbors. 

Izzy McFadden is extraordinary. She started a website called HumanaTeen which brings teens together who want to make an impact on the world through community service, causes, fundraising and promoting awareness. I see many amazing students each year, but Izzy personifies selflessness, passion, creativity and genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world. She told me early in the year that she founded this organization because she wanted to give kids a place to find direct assistance getting involved with great causes. She has since been contacted by organizations who want to partner up with her. She has pitched this to many others, and even just recently told me she was terribly fearful of public speaking, but has succeeded n stepping out of her comfort zone and now does an incredible job presenting. She is highly deserving of this! Thank you!

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