Tony Fitzpatrick and his talented assistant Yulia Kuznetsova

Dave Hoekstra with Tony Fitzpatrick, Yulia Kuznetsova, and Fiona McEntee

Chicago artist Tony Fitzpatrick and his artist assistant Yulia Kuznetsova from Russia join us in the studio as they tell the story of how they met and why art has driven Yulia to pursue a career in the U.S that Tony agreed to sponsor. Plus, the attorney that has helped them along the way, Fiona McEntee.

Ira Williams of non-profit organization which serves over 1,000 low-income individuals and families annually by delivering safe, quality affordable housing and workforce development programs, The Renaissance Collaborative (TRC) in Bronzeville, calls in and talks about TRC’s relationship with Yulia and her art after she donated some of her work.

Want to see Yulia’s work? Click the link here. 

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