Understanding the Unique Role of a Death Midwife

“Plan for Death, Live Your Life” is the motto of Kathy Miller, Certified Death Midwife and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and her business www.beforeim6feetunder.com.  You may think that planning for the end of life & death is completely morbid and maybe even a negative topic.  I definitely had some doubts, but then I spoke with Kathy and all that changed. She is such a comforting, positive and knowledgeable soul.  Knowledge is power after all and future planning helps alleviate so much fear and stress when dealing with saying goodbye to a loved one. Kathy acts as a guide to managing all of your planning based on what your loved one’s wishes may be and allows you to spend the quality time you need with them.  Future planning can put your mind at ease so you can live your life to the fullest! Contact Kathy at the website above and check out her educational conversations at www.deathcafe.com. She hosts the “Windy City” cafe options.

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