Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

Cochran’s Kid of the Week: Richie P.

Kid Of The Week

Our kid of the week is no stranger to hard work!  Richie Pecenka is a local hockey player and a big fan of legendary Blackhawks player, Stan Mikita… so much so that he wears his number in honor of him as well as his father.  Richie is our kid of the week!

My grandson, Richie Pecenka (16 yrs old), has played hockey for many years, his jersey # is 21. Richie picked #21 because it was one of his father’s #s when he played hockey & also was a big fan of Stan Mikita. Richie currently plays hockey with Stan Mikita’s grandson. After Stan passed away; he asked Richie if he would give up his # to him. He explained in remembrance of his grandfather, it would mean a lot to him if he had his # on his jersey. Even though the number was sentimental to my grandson, he understood how much it would mean to Stan’s grandson to wear his grandfather’s number in his honor. With no guidance, Richie decided to give up his number to his teammate. Richie’s actions truly made me, our family and friends very proud of him. That is why I hope you consider Richie Pecenka as Kid of the Week.
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