The Mincing Rascals 04.11.19: Graduated income tax, Lincoln Yards, AG Barr, college admissions fraud

The Mincing Rascals are John Williams, Steve Bertrand, Patti Vasquez and Justin Kaufmann of WGN Radio. They begin by discussing Governor Pritzker’s graduated income tax plan. Then, the Rascals give their takes on the construction of Lincoln Yards, a widely debated city expense this week. They go on to deliberate the effectiveness of Attorney General William Barr’s claim that President Trump’s campaign was spied on. Finally, the Rascals decide whether or not they think Lori Loughlin should go to jail for money laundering and college admissions bribery, when Felicity Huffman is expected to serve four to 10 months.

Justin gives his take on Julian Assange’s arrest for hacking conspiracy.

Patti recommends reading Greg Giraldo: A Comedian’s Story by Matt Balaker.

John has two numbers he wants to share with you.

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