The John Williams Show Full Podcast 04.11.19: Remembering Susie Jacobson, addressing dog anxiety, Rae Kaplan, Lincoln Yards, Congressman Krishnamoorthi

John Williams is Going to Make it After All

John Williams invites the legendary Walter Jacobson to explain what happened to his wife, Susie, that led to her sudden death last week. Then, Blum Animal Hospital Veterinarian Dr. Natalie Marks joins the show to give some tips on lessening your dogs’ anxiety. Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer Rae Kaplan tells John and listeners what’s new in the world of student loan debt forgiveness. Listeners have a lot of questions about that. Then, Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member Kristen McQueary lists off some of the problems she anticipates with the construction of the Lincoln Yards. Finally, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi tells John what inspired him to co-sign a letter to the Major League Baseball.

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