The John Williams Show Full Podcast 04.09.19: Dr. David Dao and United Airlines, “We Are Columbine,” “New Navy Pier”

John Williams

John Williams reiterates his opinion on who was right in the United Airlines incident in which a passenger was dragged off the flight. That’s after the passenger, Dr. David Dao, made his first public appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” today. You share your thoughts and qualms with his take. Then, “We Are Columbine” creator Laura Farber is a survivor of the Columbine shooting of April 20, 1999. She joins the show to talk about the process of making the documentary, and that day itself. “We Are Columbine” premiers at the Music Box Theatre tonight. Plus, Navy Pier President and CEO Marilyn Gardner joins the show, alongside Brown Sugar Bakery Owner Stephanie Hart, talk about what’s new at the hottest touristic site in Chicago.

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